Take a breath.


The buzz of worries and concerns fades.

Watch the stars twinkle and dance with their tracers across the sky.

Feel the world spinning beneath your feet; slight hum as souls cry out in love, but also pain.

Hear your own pulse as a “thrum.. thrum..” in your ears, gently reminding that time still passes.

Soft murmur of the breeze; the quiet susurration of socks on carpet.

Glimpse shadows in the trees as they shift and move, quietly inviting you to catch the patterns /between/ the fractals.

To the sky again - watch the meteorite trailing a kaleidoscope of colors across the void.

Breathe out.

Nothing has changed.

The world continues to spin.

Stars continue on their path.

But for those few seconds,

Nothing hurt.

Everything was beautiful.

And we were infinite.